production consultancy
Whether you are an international player wanting to shoot in South Africa or a newcomer to the film industry, Get The Picture will help you feel right at home and help you make your production a success. We offer advice on industry trends, policies and provide recruitment, introduction, and production services.

networking, matchmaking and creating opportunity for you
Get The Picture can help you get your project off the ground by putting you in touch with our extensive network. This network spans:

• Broadcasters (local and international)
• Major Film Festivals (local and international)
• Film industry associations and publications
• Government agencies and departments, including funding
• Filmmakers in different genre’s e.g. documentaries, entertainment, drama, commercials, animation, servicing and features.
• Private sector support services: entertainment lawyers, financiers, studios, post production facilities, suppliers.
• Extensive networks specifically in The Netherlands

training and development
We are passionate about development and have represented local and international organisations on talent and social development projects. So if you want to make a difference and invest in talent development in South Africa, speak to us.

festival and event organisation
We have extensive experience in organising and marketing film and film industry events in South Africa. We can organise and market your event or simply act as consultants to your event.

producer, connector, facilitator, organiser, educator
Get The Picture helps:
• international producers and filmmakers recruit local production teams, talent, resources, partners, and connect with local broadcasters
• directors, producers to make the right connections in the industry to sell their ideas, raise the necessary finance and produce their projects
• festival and industry event organisers make a success of their events
• industry organisations and NGO’s develop talent and implement industry development projects in South Africa

Get The Picture also produces and markets its own film projects.

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